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Equatorial Guinea

guineaDevelopment Activities in the Equatorial Guinea

Our group of companies has started a great cooperation with the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.

The representatives of our companies have started negotiations with the representatives of the government, such as His Excellency Prime Minister Mr. Ricardo Mangue Obama and with Minister of Infrastructure, Minister of Interior, Minister of Transportations and Telecommunications and Minister of Labor and Social Affairs. We were contacted by government representatives to participate in various projects as wireless internet for the island and continental part of Equatorial Guinea and mainly for the development projects in the field of standard and social housing.

We are already cooperating with local companies in the project of drinking water supply for the capital Malabo. We have offered Czech construction and engineering capacities for the supplies and sub-deliveries of this project. We have already received first studies for the residential developments in the area of Malabo and we are intensely focused on these particular projects in the future.

Other possibilities for activity in this country would be negotiation and mediation of cooperation between the government authorities of the Equatorial Guinea and the Czech suppliers for the complete industrial plants like the small water power plants, as well as of the special construction materials. This is where we see the potential for further progress of our activities

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