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Republic of South Africa

south-africaPrague Investments Corporation representatives have an opportunity to participate in various top class events. The state visit of the president of the Czech Republic, Prof. Václav Klaus, in the Republic of South Africa, is an example.

The most developed country of the African continent - The Republic of South Africa - is also an interesting territory for our group of Prague Investments Corporation companies.

This country has a strong economical potential and is at present the largest economic partner of the Czech Republic on the entire African continent. Mutual relations are friendly and are growing rapidly.

Our companies offer cooperation in various fields to South African investors, including local Czech community, which is one of the largest on the African continent. We offer participation in real estate development and investment, business contact assistance, and other services. For those whose intention is to invest or have businesses in the territory of the Czech Republic, we offer full development services, legal, technical and financial services, market research, tourist trade services, etc.

Company representatives participated on official state events done on the occasion of state events done on the occasion of state visit of the Czech president Václav Klaus. Most of the events took place in Pretoria and Johannesburg.

The representatives of the company attended important bilateral negotiation during various events, participated on business forums of Czech and South African businessmen in the presence of the highest representatives of both countries.

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